Eco - conception

We believe that, big or small, every action that safeguards and restores the environment is significant. Our environmental vision is to excel in every environmental dimension to protect the communities in which we live and serve.

Our eco-design policy leads us to :

  • Ensure our products contain the highest possible recycled content
  • Reduce the number of components for quick and easy disassembly and effective recycling
  • Ensure the absence of heavy metals or harmful substances (no PVC, no Chrome)
  • Shrink packaging volumes to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Ensure the recyclability of our products (materials choice and design for disassembly)

We build on this experience to continuously improve the environmental performance of our products.


One of our goals is to reduce our environmental footprint. To achieve this, we are working hard to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, energy use and waste.

100% made in France
Our range of hospital furniture are manufactured closed to our customers. Assembly unit in Paris – Metal Frame in Lyon – Plastic components in Normandie. This geographical organization has a significant impact on our logistics process.

The transport includes the packaging, energy consumption, gas emissions. To reduce our environmental footprint we :

  • Reduce the weight to transport
  • Load efficiently the trucks
  • Study different ways to reduce packaging
  • Set up a networs of subcontractors.

The environmental performance of our production process

By understanding where and how a product is made, we can identify opportunities to make it use less energy and reduce its waste and environmental impact. It also results in less packaging waste, better transportation efficiency with lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Eco recycling

To minimize the amount of waste deposited in landfills, we guarantee recyclability of components and work in partnership with the recycling and reclamation.

To be effective, efforts in recycling / reuse require:

  • Incorporating large quantities of recycled material
  • Guarantee that recycled materials are free of toxic materials

To simplify recycling:

  • We minimize complex components (resulting mixtures)
  • We take into account the number and type of fasteners
  • We pledge to allow quick and easy removal
  • Adhesives are eliminated
  • Plastic parts weighing more than 50 g are marked for easy orientation appropriate recycling industry.


ALLIBERT MEDICAL offers its clients, case by case, to conduct an audit of their property portfolio in order to find solutions for environmentally responsible management. Thanks to our partner Valdelia, ALLIBERT MEDICAL is able to intervene everywhere in France. The furniture at the end of the cycle, for recycling, is given to our partner to be upgraded for free.

Depending on the nature of the park, all brands, different solutions are offered to the customer; reuse, donation or recycling.

  • Re: resale after repairs from other companies
  • Don: associations and charitable sectors
  • Recycling: recovery of materials collected and destruction of non-recyclable materials in the context of approved centers