Our values

ALLIBERT MEDICAL undertakes to respect a set of common principles to all its employee and partner.

Our labour practices

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Use of individual judgment and common sense in unclear situations
  • Encouraged employees to request advises and guidelines to their manager
  • Sustaining teamwork rather than individual work

Human Rights and Diversity

ALLIBERT MEDICAL undertakes to respect human rights in all its relationship (partners, customers, shareholders, suppliers ..) :

  • Fair, courteous and respectful relationship
  • No tolerance shall be allowed for discrimination or harassment
  • Encouraged and valorised the diversity
  • Sustaining training and development of its employees

Labour rights and business protection

ALLIBERT MEDICAL undertakes to provide to its employees a healthy and safe working environment:

  • Responsibility for health and safety
  • Compliance with local and international labour rights (forced labour, child labour…)
  • Compliance with collective negotiations rights
  • Prevention of fraud in the working process (misappropriation of assets, corruption…)
  • Protection of information or company policy by their employees
  • Compliance with antitrust and antidumping laws in all the countries where we do business