Our concepts

Universal style

Office design Allibert Medical has created a range of products according to the precepts of the "Universal Style" created in the U.S. in North Carolina. It is defined by the following criteria:

  • Timeless design and unlabeled geographically
  • Resistant to mishandling
  • Be used by all



ALLIBERT MEDICAL selected aluminium for its range of hospital furniture. This material is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust. Aluminium is 30% lighter than steel and extremely resistant to corrosion. Indefinitely recycled without losing its characteristics, the Aluminium industry succeeded in reducing the intensity of emissions of greenhouse gases by more than 50%.

  • Easy & Intuitive

  • Modular Equipment

  • No retention area

  • Low physical effort

  • Intelligent lock system

Easy clean®

  • Removable top tray
  • One-body frame - No water retention area
  • Mechanical and chemical-resistant materials


Thanks to the intelligent electronic keyless lock system, which allows track user activity, this option is one of the key elements of a safe and controlled storage and distribution of medicines.

Security levels adapted to the working environment (roller shutter, narcotic drawer, etc.)

  • Digicode lock system
  • Master electronic codes
  • Central lock
  • Traceability of the opening/closing system

Maximum compacity
 P20® System

Thanks to our P20 concept, the optimisation and the reduction without loss of space is now very simple. More hygiene than the internal walls, the removable runners are completely removable for an efficient decontamination process.

  • Reference point
  • Easyclip® concept allows an easy cleaning process
  • Runner adapted for all our components



The interaction between the hospital design and medical furniture has long been established. Design
boost a general sense of wellbeing not only among patients, but also among medical staff and improve
the working environment. Thanks to our selection of colors, you will organize your environment with
the possibility to allocate the hospital furniture per department.